Make life more enjoyable with tableware.


By enriching our daily meals with tableware,
we can continue to bring smiles to everyday life.

Brand Movie

Mitanitouki official movie

We have captured the scenery of our company, which always faces the tableware straight from making to delivering, in a video.

Employee Interview

QWhat do you like about the vessel?

EC Business Division, Yuna Harada

Where it brings out the motivation to cook.
I sometimes feel depressed about cooking every day (almost every day), but I feel that I can do my best while having fun because I have my favorite vessel. I feel that when my mother is in a good mood, the atmosphere of my family gets better, so my favorite vessel is an essential item for my daily cooking, so that I can enjoy cooking every day.

Logistics Department, Konosuke Nakayama

There are various types of vessels, and there are many designs depending on the manufacturer. By using different vessels depending on the dish, I think that not only the dish is enhanced, but also the vessel itself is enhanced and a synergistic effect is created. Also, since my cousin has been working as a vessel maker since I was a child, I have had many opportunities to touch vessels, and there have always been vessels by my side in my life. When I cook, I enjoy cooking because the food looks delicious when I use a vessel. There are various designs of vessels, and I like to make dishes that go well with them.

QWho would you like to give the vessel to?

Sales, Kai Kozu

To those who dream of the future of the vessel.
I am in charge of delivering the products created by our suppliers to our customers. There is a drama on the dining table, and I want to deliver vessels that can be close to our users because they touch vessels every day. No matter how happy, dark, or happy you are, time will pass. There is nothing happier than having our vessels on the bright future dining table.

General Affairs, Seika Yokoya

My grandmother has been living alone for a few years, but she doesn't care much about meals, so she has become more casual since she became alone. It seems that she used to work in the pottery business, so she seems to like to see plates, but I have never seen her buying new plates, so I would like to give her a vessel that she can look forward to her daily meals.


Company Name
Mitanitouki Co., Ltd.
August 1, 1986
President: Yoshinori Mitani
585-8 Tsumagi-cho, Toki City, Gifu Prefecture, 509-5301, Japan
JPY 10,000,000
Bank Transactions
Juroku Bank, Nagoya Bank, Tono Shinkin Bank
Fiscal Year
Business Activities
Original OEM tableware and ceramic premiums / Wholesale business of commercial tableware and ceramicware goods
0572-57-3515 / 0572-57-3598