The vessels that we hold in our hands every day, for years and decades. What Mitani Pottery has always cherished and will continue to cherish is the various lives of various people that lie beyond these vessels.

The meals made with someone in mind, the modest time for oneself. Mitani Pottery gently accompanies the irreplaceable future scenery beyond the vessel.

We handle a wide range of products, including tableware, lacquerware, and chopsticks, as well as ceramics, and the number of products exceeds 30,000. We also sell wholesale to overseas as well as domestic. In addition, we can produce original products with OEM. Please feel free to contact us for anything about tableware.


We produce products according to your request. As a table coordination advisor, we will also take visual photos of styling.


We handle tableware such as tableware, lacquerware, and cutlery. We have a warehouse of 1,000 tsubo to deliver nationwide and meet your needs.


We also sell online, including our own brand products. We have stores on Rakuten, Amazon, Superdelivery, etc.


We export to various countries mainly in Asia and Europe. We will make the best proposal by making full use of know-how such as country-specific trends and designs.

In the Mino region, we have a team of people who share the same dream of the future of pottery.

  • 2024.03.22

    2024.05.03~05.05 We will have a stall at the Toki Mino Ware Festival.

  • 2024.03.22

    2024.05.03~05.06 Mino Ware LIBRTA FESTA will be held.

    Location: Hisaya Odori Park Television To Hiroba

  • 2024.01.24
    2024.02.06, We will exhibit at "Tokyo International Gift Show Spring 2024".
  • 2021.09.28

    We received the Shop of the Month award from Rakuten.